Weymouth Precision Engineers provide high quality CNC machine components that exceed customer expectations through our commitment to quality, cost and delivery.

At Weymouth Precision Engineers we are extremely versatile and offer many services. Products can be machined from all types of materials and when required items can be polished, plated or painted prior to delivery. Pre-production planning is carried out to a high level by the Engineering department which includes comprehensive manufacturing instructions. Emphasis is placed upon understanding the customer’s requirements at the quote stage and more importantly at the contract review stage. Assembly services are also offered so we can offer the customer the complete package from start to finish.

We also offer JIT and KANBAN based manufacturing solutions for our clients with finished products being ready packaged for onwards distribution using either our own transport/delivery.

Our Mission is to surpass all of our customer’s expectations, through world class manufacturing and continuous improvement. To achieve this in an environment where people work together with a common goal and share a sense of pride in the company's success.


We are constantly investing in high specification, modern CNC machines to stay versatile for our customers.

CNC Milling

Weymouth Precision Engineers CNC milling capabilities are, 3, 4 and 5 axis machines with the added benefit of gear driven machines that can take larger cuts, removing metal faster.

We utilise machines that have in excess of 2.5M machine beds for larger components and most of our mills have 12,000 rpm spindles which again aid removing metal faster keeping us competitive when it comes to pricing work. We also use offline programming and have CAD packages that aid us to work from solid models.

CNC Turning

Weymouth Precision Engineers CNC turning capabilities are 3 and 4 axis machines with C + Y axis functionality, all of our lathes are fitted with driven tooling and can bar feed up to 90mm diameter.


Weymouth Precision Engineers EMD Wire Eroding capabilities are 3 axis machines with full CNC Fanuc Control, Capable of cutting all types of alloys including the hardest of materials.


Weymouth Precision Engineers Grinding capabilities are Surface, Cylindrical, Jig grinding and Honing. These are all based in our Grinding Cell situated at Kent Close.

Testing & Quality Assurance

All machines are issued with a daily ‘Work To List’ showing Loading Order, and Production Times. We also adopt a visual management system on the shop floor, with colour coded markers that highlight the top five priority parts in each specific area.

This gives us the flexibility to monitor times, adjust the loading to meet delivery dates and feed in urgent or short lead time parts as may be requested by our customers.

With the Quality of our Product being of utmost importance, we have invested in 3 x Aberlink Axiom too HS High Spec CNC Shop Floor CMM with a table sizes upto 1500mm x 1000mm. The Axiom too HS offers greater accuracy, higher acceleration and faster travel thus alleviating inspection bottlenecks.

First Article Inspection Reports can be supplied with the products, and the all-important release documentation as stipulated on customer purchase orders.

Purchasing, JIT & KANBAN

We also offer JIT and KANBAN based manufacturing solutions, we have a purpose built (2023) 4000 square foot dispatch unit, to suit our clients needs.

Treatments & Assembly

A large part of our Order Book Includes Final Treatments. We Project Manage all subcontract operations to approved sources through Tricorn to maintain customer’s delivery requirements.

For a number of customers we manufacture detail parts which we then assemble to a low level requirement, this is an area within the business that we are looking to expand both in size and product complexity. Our new purpose built premises will have a dedicated facility for Assembly, and we will be looking to become more diverse by offering Functional and Pressure Testing within this dedicated area.

Delivery Services

Weymouth Precision Engineers offer a variety of delivery services, with the capabilities of handling large pallets for global shipment to delivering locally.